Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Best Airlines
Emirates started its sky journey on 25th October 1985 with just two aircraft’s which comprised an Airbus and a Boeing flight. In a very short span of time this airline manages to become world’s best airline which offers all the luxurious amenities even on sky. Emirates receive 12 consecutive awards by Skytrax World Airline for best in-flight entertainment and in 2016 it is awarded with best airlines of the world. Emirates occupy wide body aircraft’s in the sky which offers its customers utmost comfort and efficiency. The airline keeps on inspiring its travelers through its worldwide network of destinations.

The world class service offered by the airlines is unbeatable as it makes you feel so special and honored. From the cuisine inspired from all over the world to the in-flight entertainment, the airline takes care of every small to big aspect with complete dedication. Along with every royal service the airline also ensure your safety and has maintained a trust worthy relationship with its client since beginning. In the industry of tourism the airline is well known for its quality of commitment and its goals is to maintain quality not quantity. Currently, the airlines cover the fleet of more than 230 aircraft’s which is flying over 150 destinations globally.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


Watches reflect your choice and so your personality. They are wearing to represent the example of your taste, character and branding. The most important feature which undergoes the reason behind wearing a watch is to be punctual. It can schedule all your work on time and plan your all day activities. Girls have options to wear lots of accessories but this part is limited towards men as they have only few options, therefore best branded watches are on the top priority for them. Market of luxury watches provides end number of choices which can also confuse us in selecting one out of many exclusive timepieces. The popularity of their looks and functionality will awe struck your mind as they are crafted with the expertise hands to make it a royal piece of art.

Best Branded Watches

Famous watch making companies like Frank Muller, Bvlgari, Audemars Piguet, Rado, Patek Philippe are few those examples which are capturing the market of watch making with their amazing art work and fluent designs. A few also produce master pieces which take years to accomplish to enter into market, as they have extremely complex designs. The life of these luxury watches last for decades, as they are equipped with the finest quality of resources. Some are even decorated with precious stones and metals. The skilled craftsmanship that is behind these timepieces and the essential value of the precious metals that goes into them ensures incomparable durability, precision and retained value.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Beautifully crafted UAE properties

Who doesn’t wish to buy a property in the region which is proudly growing its success day by day? When it comes to properties beat it is residential or commercial, UAE is setting a benchmark in the entire nation with its stunning art work and unique architecture. UAE properties attract every viewer as they are crafted with the best quality products in order to maintain their exclusiveness in everybody’s eye. Within a few years UAE has set a standard of introducing layouts and designs which are reflecting a different tangent of architecture and are in talks of every engineer. The complexity and beauty of these designs are awe inspiring with its luxurious amenities as they are not seen anywhere else. 

UAE properties
UAE is the home of the ultra-modern and one of the best manmade creations of the world Burj Khalifa, as its unparalleled beauty and tallness blow away every mind. UAE Properties are equipped by all the necessary amenities whether it is tall commercial building or a luxurious villa. High end swimming pools to the modern kitchen, every aspect is tailored with best in their field’s resources to ensure the outcome which is not seen anywhere else. If you are seeking to by a property in this region, than explore the list of Top Property Developers in UAE presented by UAE TOP 10.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Dubai is considered as the luxurios capital of the world where you can explore magnificient things around you and get your most opulent dreams fulfiled. The city is blessed with the golden sun shining on your head and beautiful silver sparkling beaches. Because of the modern architecture and marvellous art facilities that have been derived in the recent years, Dubai has established as a world-class destination to enjoy unlimited fun with your family and loved ones. The beauty of this city can be defined from its spectacular attractions and the skyline which is not seen any where else. Things to do in Dubai not only with adorable attractions but has also transformed its skyline with startling architectural projects. The sky touching buildings which are breaking all the records day by day are effectivelly architectured with the finest engineers of the world to initiate a modern style of living.
Things to do in Dubai offers its citizens the utmost royalty from hiring a private luxurious yacht to taking a tour of the city in the swanky Limousine. Dubai does not only flaunt its latest sightseeings but also takes care of its historic attractions as the timeless beauty of the desert and the lively bustle of the souk is unbeatable. Every time you visit the city, unlimited fun awaits for you with enornomous options which can make your vaccation memorable.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

UAE Top Events

Other than the world famous attractions and skyscraping buildings, there is something that the United Arab Emirates is known for. Thousands of visitors get attracted towards the country every year and the reason is most awaited UAE top events.  Yes, you read it right. UAE welcomes their guests with some amazing architectures and compels them to stay by entertaining with exciting events every day.

UAE Top Events

Be it cultural or technical, United Arab Emirates has always been the first choice of artists as well as business professionals. From art to science and exhibitions to glamorous music concerts, UAE has enough resources and arrangements to provide it maximum reach. The country has an eventful calendar and you will know the schedules months before the actual date of happening. Few of the upcoming top events are: 

upcoming top events

Eid Al Adha (1st Sept)
World Green Economy Summit (5th Oct)
GITEX Technology Week 2017 (8th Oct)
Sharjah International Book Fair 2017 (1st Nov)
AccessAbilities Expo (9th Nov)
National Day (2nd Dec)
Festival Spring (28th Dec)

Not just these but there is a long list of occasions that will serve you with amusement and enthusiasm through the rest of the year. So just check the calendar and choose the event of your interests to make your vacation unforgettable.