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Friday, 29 September 2017

Top Real Estate Companies Abu Dhabi

The Fastest growing Arabian city Abu Dhabi is the richest and largest capital in all seven UAE states. The city is situated at T-shaped Island and it currently controls 90% of the oil wealth around the region and making it one of the largest oil producers in the world.

The Economy
The capital is the fourth major natural gas producer in the world. The capital contains approximately all 500 Arabic Fortune companies and currently has 88 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.
However, the region is now trying to reduce its dependence on oil and is growing its economy into financial services and tourism sectors. Billions of pounds have been to be paid for infrastructure projects and the development of the residential property, leisure and cultural schemes across the emirate.

Real Estate Market in Abu Dhabi

The sector of Real Estate companies Abu Dhabi is still developing.  The property sector is not interlinked with the financial sector, thus the housing market in a city does not operate on the same fundamentals as a more established property market. Yet the city population is increasing which placing extra pressure on the property sector and increases the growth of real estate companies in Abu Dhabi.

Tax- efficiency
There is no income or capital gains tax to pay and there is no restriction on relocating residency for local people as well as foreign investors.UAE Properties offered leasehold up to 99 years because there are no freeholds available.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Real Estate Companies Abu Dhabi

Every one of us dreams of owning a home to secure our future. Many other wish to have shops or stores to expand their business. Ultimately, having a personal property has become an indivisible requirement. Real Estate companies Abu Dhabi have made it a lot easier. You just have to be smart while choosing out of the options available.

Talking about the real estate market of the capital of UAE, it is clearly observable that the graph is going through a decline even during the 3rd quarter of the year. As per the reports, residential as well as commercial divisions, including retail and offices are experiencing a drop in rents. The reason is derived as ‘downfall in oil prices’ across the country. This has also affected Government Investments.

Real Estate Companies Abu Dhabi

Now, this can be a strong point for buyers but on the other hand, sellers will resist trading their properties as the transaction involves huge risk. Only some leading giants who have the capacity of calculating risk and secure their margins can be trusted. A well-known name in this area is Aldar Properties. The company has given amazingly huge contribution in the Real Estate market of Abu Dhabi. Some of their remarkable projects include – Yas Mall, Cleaveland Clinics, The Gate Towers and the beautiful Aldar Headquarters. 

United Arab Emirates has always been a symbol of construction and development. Most specifically, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are world famous for their skyscrapers and buildings that are spread in acres. Undoubtedly UAE Properties have taken construction to a new level and giving a major credit to the real estate companies will not be unjust.